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We’re not sure the various big casino bosses would have ever thought it possible, but it seems as though the game of bingo is set to overtake a variety of genuine traditional casino games such as craps in terms of popularity. You see, for a long time bingo was simply the province of schools, care homes and summer fares, however as the 21st century drew closer everything seemed to change - check out free bingo games.

The establishment of dedicated bingo halls definitely made the game a lot more common and popular back in the 20th century, however the biggest development over the last few decades is undeniably the development of online bingo. This has brought the game to a whole new demographic, and they really cannot get enough! Here’s a good question though: what are the best days to play bingo? Let’s find out.

Playing bingo on weekdays

The thing about choosing the best day to play bingo on is that it really depends at what time you decide to log on too. For example, weekday evenings from around 7-9pm tend to be very busy, and this is the perfect time to start playing if you also crave the social and communal aspect of online bingo. It also means that online bingo sites will be more inclined to offer bigger jackpots, so you could end up winning more money at these times. However one thing to consider is the fact that more players also necessarily equals more competitors for the jackpot, something that consequently results in your odds of a win dropping.

But here’s the thing: if you were to play bingo on weekdays in-between roughly 9am and 6pm you will find that the game lobbies are dramatically less busy, as most people are either at work or looking after the kids. This means that your odds of winning will be increased as there will be less people vying for a win, and this is the main reason why people play bingo at this time even despite the lack of social interaction. The thing is that online bingo sites also know there is a lot less traffic at these times, and for this reason they generally make the jackpots a lot smaller – it all depends on what you want to get out of your bingo experience.

Playing bingo on the weekend

Weekend evenings are by far the busiest time to play bingo, even busier in fact that weekday evenings, and naturally this is where the online bingo sites will offer the biggest jackpots. Again, however, there will also be a lot more players to compete with, and this means that your odds of a win are generally going to be a lot lower.

The trade-off is that the games are bound to have a lot more of a communal and social feel, something that is invaluable to a good old game of bingo. Also if you are lucky enough you can win a lot bigger than you ever would playing at any other time.

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